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DEFTHEDGE : Treasury as a Service (TaaS)

DEFTHEDGE is an application for business leaders, CFOs and Treasurers who are faced with the volatility of the foreign exchange market.

We support firms in mitigating their currency risk exposure to help them achieve their objectives : protecting margin and competitiveness, reducing P&L volatility and mitigating economic risk.


What we offer

In summary

The pricer module solution of DEFTHEDGE can enhance your exchange operations, from the simplest to the most complex.
The reporting module presents a snap shot of your currency risk exposure and your associated hedging portfolio.

Our unique proposition: an end to end strategic solution for your hedging strategies

DH-ProHedge is a solution that provides coverage strategies through a simulation algorithm. It enables you to a certain the level of risk, relevance and to adapt your strategies according to market fluctuations.

Our strengths

We are an independent company which means that we offer unbiased solutions

We can save you time and resource

Our solutions are customised to you

We offer solutions that are cost effective

We bring peace of mind

We facilitate decision-making

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